Mother’s & Daughter’s

This must have been the most blessed activation as it was a moms and daughters together, talking, laughing and learning.  There were many surrogate moms, but all the girls has a representative.

Aukje brouwer from the dignity campaign in cape town, educated the group and motivated them with crafty activities.  They made ladies out of card, and was so refreshing.

Then there was activities with balloons, which was such fun.  The girls had to write bad words on the balloon and then pop it and see how it goes away.

Subz gave an educaitonal on puberty and menstruation and a chat of self resepect.  It was great for the moms.  We gave the girls and moms subz packs which they welcomed

Sister candice a midwife who works in king edward hospital gave us a graphic talk on teenage pregnancy and child birth.  What an eye and ear opener for all.